May 6, 2009

New Make Up Line by Lauren Luke!

Ever heard of Lauren Luke? This self-taught makeup artist turned entrepreneur by way of YouTube. Her new color cosmetics line -- By Lauren Luke -- launched April 27. I'm sure all of her friends and followers who’ve watched her makeup tutorials over 39 million times will be thrilled.

Lauren posted her first tutorial on YouTube just 18 months ago. The 27-year-old single mother started posting the videos to enhance her gig selling makeup on Ebay – an opportunity she seized so she could quit her job as a taxi dispatcher and spend more time with her then 9 –year-old son, Jordan.

Lauren never had many girlfriends growing up but has found a wealth of new ones on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Myspace. She’s in daily contact with them, whether posting a new video or just catching up. Her goal in life? Simply, “I just want to make people feel special and happy.”

Lauren Luke about her new Make Up line

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