Jan 31, 2009

New Rihanna songs

2008 was a succesful year for singer and fashion icon of the year Rihanna. After such success many would think that Rihanna would take a break before releasing a new album. But this Barbados beauty doesn't feel this way and seems unstoppable. With a plan to release her fourth album in March/April 2009 this is what Rihanna has to say about her upcoming album:

“I’m currently working on record number four and I’m having so much fun. I’m having so many new experiences and meeting so many new people, it’s amazing. I want this album to head in the same direction as Good Girl Gone Bad but with even more edge. The tracks will be less R&B influenced and will have a feel closer to that of, “Disturbia”, “Shut Up & Drive” and “Breakin’ Dishes”.

Although March/April may seem for away for the fans, some of Rihanna's tracks have already leaked on the internet. Check out her new sounds.

Rihanna - I'm Back

Rihanna ft Akon - Emergencee Room

Rihanna - Sexuality
Some fans have alreay mistaken Rihanna for Prince, because according to them their might be a 'physical resemblance'. With this track I have to say that Rihanna incorporated a style and some beats that is reminiscent of the old Prince songs. But that is as far as the resemblance goes.

Rihanna - Give it

Rihanna - Bitch I'm Special

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Godfather of Urban Fashion Karl Kani celebrates 20 years with The SOURCE

Being the first clothing brand ever to use Hip Hop artists in their campaigns KARL KANI became synonymous with Hip Hop. KARL KANI (est. 1989) a.k.a "the Godfather of Urban Fashion" joins forces with THE SOURCE (EST 1988) a.k.a "the Hip Hop Bible" celebrating 20 years of Hip Hop Culture and Urban Fashion.

To celebrate this anniversary Karl Kani together with the Source has organized a contest based on the four elements of Hip Hop. You can Win VIP tickets to the KARL KANI 20 YEARS celebration party in Las Vegas!
In collaboration with The SOURCE ,KARL KANI is organizing a special KARL KANI 20 YEARS event in the USA (Las Vegas)– planned in August 2009



All you need to do is post a video on YouTube with the title Karl Kani celebrates 20years with The SOURCE, showing your Hip Hop skills (MC, DJ, B-BOY, GRAFFITI)
In March 2009 we will select 4 winners from the top 20 best viewed and the top 20 best rated videos on youtube; one from each of the 4 original elements of Hip Hop (MC, DJ, B-BOY, GRAFFITI)

• VIP tickets for you and a friend to this historical celebration event, including travel and hotel expenses.
• A meet and greet with KARL KANI himself and many other international celebrities and media.
• A Karl Kani party outfit for you and a friend
• A year subscription to the Source, a.k.a the hip hop bible

Furthermore each winner from the 4 original elements of hip hop will get an additional price:
• MC : a 20 years of Hip Hop Music package & 3 months music rotation on karlkani.com
• Graffiti: 20 spray cans
• DJ: customized Karl Kani DJ case
• B-Boy: customized Karl Kani Ghetto blaster.

Spread the word!

For more info go to www.karlkani.com

Jan 29, 2009

Kani Ladies Shoes spotted on Amsterdam International Fashion Week Blog

Last weekend was a success for Kani Ladies at the Modefabriek’s (Amsterdam - Netherlands). The huge amount of streetwear stood out and caught the attention of Amsterdam International Fashion Week Blog. Check out the Kani Ladies sneakers!

For more go to AIFW Blog and Kani Ladies

Jan 27, 2009

Jessica Simpson: before and after

Jessica Simpson has created a buzz on the internet since her last appearance. The country singer has gained some weight and everybody wants to see the pictures. Jessica Simpson showed up at a concert perfomance looking much heavier than usual.

Jessica and her boyfriend Tony Romo affirm that they are not expecting a baby and that Jessica simply doesn't feel the need to be a size 2 to feel beautiful.

This how Jessica Simpson looked before

And this is how she looks now

Jan 23, 2009

XXL Magazine

Watch out for the upcoming March issue of XXL Magazine

Check out the white Kani Ladies trenchcoat

Jan 21, 2009

Barack Obama: Officialy the new president of the United States!

Barack Obama is now officialy president of the United States. The new president gave a memorable speech yesterday in Washington where more than 4 million people attended his inauguration. In November 2008 Barack Obama marked a milestone by becoming the first African-American president. Obama won the heart of the American public not only with his speeches but with his charisma and human side as well. Some even say he has the appeal of a celebrity and let's face it, he looks like a stylish James Bond.

Obama enjoyed the support of many celebrities who helped him in his campaign. Some even paid tribute to him in their songs like Young Jeezy and Nas.

Congratulations to the new president and may he continue to inspire the USA and the world with his inspirational words!

Young Jeezy - My president is black

Nas - Black President

Jan 20, 2009

Check out the New Kani Ladies website!

Spring is around the corner and I can feel the sun warming up already. So does Kani Ladies and the new website is online!

Imagine fresh coffee, delicious food, beautiful antique buildings, friendly people... and your thoughts will make you travel to magnificent Rome. This season Kani Ladies travelled to Rome, one of Europe’s most ancient and beautiful cities, and enjoyed La Dolce Vita. The Kani Ladies Spring/Summer campaign brings you to some of Rome’s landmarks, such as the Michelangelo fountain, the Colosseum, Spanish steps, The Arch of Constantine and Vittoriano.

Visit the Kani Ladies website and check out the new Kani Ladies Spring Summer 2009 Collection. Go to www.kani-ladies.com and indulge into the Dolce Vita!

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Jan 18, 2009

NRJ Music Awards 2009

Last night the NRJ Music Awards were held in Cannes, France. National and international artists were present at this major event. Both Britney Spears and Christophe Maé were the big winners of the night with two awards each.
Here are the winners of the NRJ Music Awards 2009:

Female Artist of the Year:

Male Artist of the Year:
Christophe Maé

International Female Artist of the Year:
Britney Spears

International Male Artist of the Year:
Enrique Iglesias

Francophone Revelation of the Year:

International Revelation of the Year:
Jonas Brothers

Francophone Group/Duo of the Year:

International Group/Duo of the Year:
The Pussycat Dolls

International Song of the Year:
Rihanna: Disturbia

Francophone Song of the Year:
Christophe Maé: Belle demoiselle

Francophone Album of the Year:
Mylène Farmer: Point de suture

International Album of the Year:
Katy Perry: One of the boys

Music Video of the Year:
Britney Spears: Womanizer

NRJ Award of Honor:

Check out the performances of the Pussycat Dolls and Coldplay:

Jan 14, 2009

Red Carpet Fashion

Let's face it. We're no Jennifer Lopez to come walking down the red carpet in a beautiful golden dress nor do we have her team of stylists and make up artists. If you are fascinated by how stars look on the red carpet, why not try it yourself?

How To: Red Carpet Hair by Johnny Lavoy

Makeup Tutorial: Glamorous Gold

Check out some of the best looks at the Golden Globes 2009

Jennifer Lopez
Credit photo: Steve Granitz

Eva Longoria
Credit photo: Steve Granitz

Drew Barrymore
Credit photo: Steve Granitz

Demi Moore

Blake Lively

Brooke Burk
Credit Photo: Frazer Harrison

Angelina Jolie

Credit photo: Steve Granitz

New 90210 Fashion

90210 isn't just a zipcode anymore. The new 90210 has a young and trendy cast and is taking the United States by storm. The succes is spreading and even overseas people are eager to see what's going to happen next in Beverly Hills. This city is also know for the rich and famous kids that always wear the latest fashion. Check out some of Shenae Grimes, AnnaLynne McCord, Jessica Stroup, Jessica Lowndes and Jessica Lucas' outfits!

Watch a new 90210 episode on CW every Tuesday 8/7c

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Kani Ladies at the Modefabriek in Amsterdam - The Netherlands

Amsterdam is on the rise to become a Fashion capital. Even Tyra went their with the latest edition of 'America's Next Topmodel'. The Modefabriek is a fashion event for fashion lovers and professionals and takes place two times a year. If you happen to be in Amsterdam come visit us and see the new Kani Ladies Fall/Winter 2009 collection.

Sunday 25 and Monday 26 January 2009
From 10.00 to 18.00 Amsterdam RAI

Booth number Kani Ladies: INDUSTRY - 869

For more info visit Kani Ladies and Modefabriek

Jan 11, 2009

Fashion Trend: (Colored) Pantyhoses

Aren’t you sick of covering up the whole time during Winter time? Even when it’s cold outside we still feel the need to be sexy and wear dresses at times. But sometimes it’s just too cold and you don’t wanna scare anybody off with your milky white legs. Black panty hoses offer the perfect solution and add an instant touch of glamour that finishes off your look.

Jessica Alba



Katy Perry

Lindsay Lohan

Katie Holmes

Shenae Grimes

Taylor Momsen

Mary Kate Olsen

Colored Pantyhoses
Be different and try bright colored pantyhoses. The Gossip girls have proven us that they can look fun and trendy plus they can transform your look from random casual to fashionable and fierce. Blair’s crew are regularly spotted in purple, red, green, blue, yellow and pink pantyhoses. The Gossip Girl fashion style proves that black pantyhoses aren’t the only way to go.

Spotted, Queen B with her crew at school

Blake Lively

Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf

Gwen Stefani

Emma Watson

Shenae Grimes


Do you find colored pantyhoses a bit too much? Opt for fishnets or pantyhoses with prints. They still look classy and offer a subtle difference.

Eva Longoria

AnnaLynne McCord

Ashley Tisdale

Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale
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