Dec 3, 2009

Kani Ladies Footwear Spring Summer 2010 Collection

Stepping out in Style

Step out in glamour style with the Kani Ladies Spring Summer 2010 Footwear Collection. Breezy, surprising and colourful define the Kani Ladies Footwear collection that continues to push fashion boundaries with the use of all over print lining and new soles.

Kani Ladies’ signature silhouettes are feminine with a sporty twist and illustrate how the collection continues to grow and mature each season. Elegant lining and fine nappa’s, canvas and suede’s highlight Kani Ladies’ constant evolution while subtle details offer a surprising effect. Trendsetting and vibrant colors offer powerful fashion statements for the Summer.

About Kani Ladies
Kani Ladies is an urban fashion brand launched in 2001. Brainchild of renowned urban designer Karl Kani, Kani Ladies caters to glamorous young ladies. With a collection
consisting in apparel, footwear and accessories, Kani Ladies offers a well lined collection able to fulfill every girl’s glamorous dreams.

Kani Ladies for every moment in your glamorous life

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