Jan 12, 2010

The NEW Kani Ladies Website Online!

Check out the NEW & IMPROVED Kani Ladies website on www.kani-ladies.com! Kani Ladies has set the tone for Spring Summer 2010 with a collection that exudes fun, style and glamour.

World cities put Kani Ladies in the picture as their map serves as an inspiration for the Spring Summer 2010 photo shoot. After having travelled to several world fashion capitals such as Rome, Paris, Kani Ladies takes a graphic turn by putting fun, girly elements on the map such as a lipstick, radio, ice cream and a lollipop. The new face for the campaign Katherina sure knows how to pop out without fading into this marvelous graphic background. By creating a dynamic visual contrast Kani Ladies has set the tone for a wicked fun Summer!

Inspired by the tropical Caribbean scenery, Kani Ladies sets the tone for a warm, dreamy summer with exotic butterflies and flowers. The Caribbean inspired prints are played around uniform colors, creating a delicious new style. Kani Ladies breaks new grounds by introducing French Terry turned inside out and baggy sweatpants that offer a refreshing new look.

The Gothic group adds that sophisticated glam touch with the use of glossy sequins on bikinis, tops, t-shirts, sweatpants, zip hoodies, denim skirts in all over or as a precious detail. Kani Ladies initiates new innovative textures by employing burned out fabrics on zip hoodies, tube tops, bikinis and wedge heels.

Completed by a full line of accessories with both subtle, sophisticated items and more extravagant, bold earrings, Kani Ladies succeeds in bringing a full lifestyle capable of satisfying many fashion taste buds.

For more info please visit www.kani-ladies.com


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your article it is too good and your pictures also good ..

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