Mar 31, 2010

Work-Out Trend: Hula Hooping

Step aside Zumba as Hula Hooping has become the new craze! That right, that thing you probably know and I’m sure you did lots of it when you were little.

Hula Hooping is fun! Swinging with a hoop around your waist and try to hold it there as long as possible is very good for a flat belly, better body position AND.. you burn lots of calories!

It’s a perfect workout solution and it’s very popular in the US where you can follow lessons or even join big hula hoop contests. Lots of celebrities like Michelle Obama, Live Tyler, Marisa Tomei and Beyonce Knowles work out with a hula hoop.

It looks easier than it is.. If it doesn’t work out it could be that your hoop is too light. Try a bigger and heavier hoop so it will circle slower around your waist and then it will be easier to hold it there!

So you see hula hooping is a fun and easy way to lose weight!
Get started with these hula hooping workout videos

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