Jun 24, 2010

Create the perfect Summer Outfit!

Looking for the perfect summer outfit? We’ve got some tips for you!

Dresses are a must during the Summer varying from ultra short to long. The maxi dress is extremely popular, and they’re simple to combine. If you’re small you can go for killing heels or wedges, and if your tall you can make it work with some casual flats.

Maxi dress Lauren Conrad

The short dress is appropriate on almost every occasion. Depending on how you style it you can look very feminine, classy or though. It’s up to you! Keep an eye on dresses with flower prints as they are hot this Summer!

Short dress

If you’re looking for nice and comfortable pants choose the Harem pants. Pair them with though gladiator sandals or some sassy heels. Completed by a nice slim fit t-shirt on top.

This summer coloured glasses and new frames are hip. Get back in the 80s with shapes like the ‘cats’, coloured, super square and round. And don’t forget the pilot glasses, they’re still hot this summer!

Super square

Cat sunglasses

Round sunglasses, Lady Gaga

Pilot Sunglasses

Coloured sunglasses

The shoe trends are very diverse as you can choose from gladiator sandals, wedges and killer heels. Depends on what you’re looking for. Need some inspiration? Check these looks:

Wedges Christina Aguilera

Killerheels Cheryl Cole

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