Mar 16, 2011


What are the make-up trends and colors for 2011?
These are questions that burns our lips everyday!
Here are a few tips!

Make-up trend 1
Strong color accents

This spring / summer it's all about strong color accents. Think of bright lipsticks, a strong eyeliner or eye make-up in bright colors.

Make-up trend 2
Gloss for a 70's nightlife feeling

Less gloss on the lips this time! This spring / summer you can put gloss on your skin, eyes and even on the body!
This gives a 70's feel to the nightlife look.

Make-up trend 3
Pastel Colors versus makeup à la Wonder Woman

Red eyelids are in! These pastel colors are softly arranged so they seem quite natural, but they provide a fresh accent. The atmosphere is a bit dreamy, without making it a clean look. It remains an "edgy" feeling.

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