Jul 12, 2011


If you were somehow under the impression that the whole knitting, crocheting and embroidering fad has faded away, think again once you lay your eyes on this Neostitch iPhone 4 Case. A cute and crafty accessory for your precious smartphone, it will really add that personal touch you have probably been looking for all this time.

Brought to you by Connect Design, the Neostitch iPhone 4 Case was created by Leese Design. A plain plastic case to begin with, it has a bunch of tiny wholes to enable all the cross-stitching fun to take place. Available in six base colors (white, blue, green, orange, pink and black), it also comes with a few spindles of colored thread to get you started. There are also an endless of pixel designs you can find online or simply wing it for a truly personalized Neostitch iPhone 4 Case.


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