Jul 8, 2009

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

Yesterday over 2 billion people were watching Michael Jackson's funeral. To some of us this was the moment that it was clear to us that the King of Pop, a legend, has left us for good. Many celebrities came to pay tribute to MJ with their songs and others with their words and express how Michael Jackson affected all of us. Al Sharpton pointed out how MJ broke down barriers and made it possible for people like Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama to be where they are today.

Music is said to bring people together and the King of Pop did just that when alive and it seems that even after he has passed away he still succeeds in bringing people together. Many people gathered on Times Square, in Harlem, Indiana and all over the world to pay a last tribute to the greatest entertainer ever. MJ saw music as his mission and he had a bog heart. When alive he always strived to make this world a better place and to touch people with is music. No one has been where he has and no one will succeed in acheiving and doing what he has done. MJ will continue in our hearts and I'm sure that even future generations will hear from him and that his music will continue to touch many hearts.

R.I.P Michael Jackson

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