Aug 13, 2009

Hot or Not: Kim Kardashian's Lighter Hair

What do you think of Kim Kardashian's new look? The reality star has died her hair and is showing off her lighter locks. Personally I really liked her black hair and with every star going blond nowadays I actually was expectiing this change. What do you think of Kim's new look: Hot or Not?


Jane said...

I love her hair style but I'm not so keen on the colour, like you say many celebs are going blonde these days and I think her skin tone and overall presence makes black a much better hair colour for her. I'm also loving the curls in her hair, I've only just tried using my ghd hair straightener to produce these kinds of flicks but haven't perfected it just yet!

All in all I have got to say it's a "Not" for her lighter hair colour though.

Fashion said...

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