Feb 8, 2010

Fashion Blogger Of The Week: Delmy Rivera - Fashion Bananas

Congratulations to Delmy Rivera our first fashion blogger of the week! Blogging is hot right now and so many girls have started their own to share their fashion style. With her blog 'Fashion Bananas' Delmy conquered the heart of many fashionista's with her 80's chic and elegant style. This Bronx-native knows how to put outfits together and has inspired many ladies' fashion sense. Meet Delmy!

1. Tell us a little about yourself
My name is Delmy Rivera. I am Makeup Artist with love for fashion and SHOES! I love kids just as much and can't wait to have my own.

2. Why did you start blogging and what do you attribute your popularity to?
Boredom and my favorite blogs led me to start my own. I guess it just got popular by word of mouth.

3. What celebs inspire your fashion sense?
Mainly street style, but I do love Ashley Olsen and Chloe Sevigny style.

4. Got any fashion tips for young women who might be struggling to find their own style?
This may not be the best tip, but just be yourself. Don't follow trends. Wear what you love as long there isn't any inappropriate skin hanging out, then you should be good. Bring out your fun personality!

5. Kani Ladies is all about inspiring and empowering young ladies. What dream would you like to see come true?
I would love to have my own makeup line some day.

Check out Delmy's blog Fashion Bananas!

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