Feb 15, 2010

Fashion Blogger Of The Week: Lily - Bleed For Fashion

Meet Lily, creator of Bleed For Fashion! Inspired by her passion for fashion & shoes Lily wishes to share her fashion inspiration (including from herself) with others. Lily's style is feminine, classy and always on top!

1. Tell us a little about yourself
I'm 21-years-old, originally from Calgary, AB; now residing in beautiful Vancouver, BC. I studied Fashion Merchandising at Blanche Macdonald and currently work as an MIT for JNBY (http://jnby.ca).

2. Why did you start blogging and to what do you attribute your popularity?
I created my blog out of boredom and my own personal desire to post and share beautiful inspiration from people (myself included) and other things. I don't consider myself to be very popular but I suppose people have taken a liking to my outfits.

3. What inspires your fashion style?
Street style websites like Jak & Jil and The Sartorialist, just to name a few.

4. Got any fashion tips for young women who might be struggling to find their own style?
Dress how you feel and don't look to others for approval. Basically, be your own muse.

5. Kani Ladies is all about inspiring and empowering young ladies. What dream would you like to see come true?
Move to New York, become my own boss and tell Kelly Cutrone to go cry outside.

You think you got style and you want be featured on Fashion Blogger Of The Week as well?

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