Apr 28, 2010

Bad skin habits

Do you want a healthy and shiny skin?

Check out these tips and find out if you have a bad skin habit that might be preventing you from having that flawless, beautiful complexion you seek.

If you smoke and you’re worrying about your skin - Quit! It’s not only bad for your health, it also damages your skin. Wrinkles will show up much faster and you increase the chance of having spots on your face.

Not cleaning your face before you go to bed
Take some time to clean your skin before you go to sleep, because your skin is working very hard at nights to recover from all the influences it had that day. (Alcohol, Fast food, Stress, or sunlight) The result of not cleaning your face is an accumulation of dirt on your face and your pores will get clogged, what makes you get pimples or irritations.

Squeezing pimples

Many people have the bad habit of squeezing pimples, not knowing that it only will getting worse if you do so. If you squeeze a pimple you push the bacteria further into your skin which can cause an infection or a scar. We obviously don’t want that!

If you really want to squeeze your pimple, at least make sure that you use a clean tissue.

Scrubbing too often

A nice scrub once or twice a week is very good for your skin, it removes the dead cells you have and it leaves your skin soft and smooth. But, if you scrub too often your skin can get irritated which is bad for the oil production. Result is that you get pimples and you’re spreading bacteria’s.

Not washing your hair frequently
If you don’t wash your hair often enough it will get oily and if you have long hair or a pony it touches your skin. If you already have acne problems or an oily skin you better avoid oily hair, because it will only getting worse.

Not getting enough sleep

Want a nice and smooth skin? Make sure you sleep enough. If you don’t, it can cause stress, and stress isn’t that great for your skin. So relax! Otherwise you risk getting pimples and eczema.

Tanning too much
We all love tanning during the hot summer months on the beach but be careful! Too much tanning is really bad for your skin and it increases the risks of skin cancer . Plus it will cause you to get more wrinkles faster. So Ladies, if you’re in the sun, make sure you use a high protection sun crème factor.

Eating Junkfood
Eating too much junk food can have a huge impact on your skin since junk food has various kinds of sugars, oils and fats. This means that if you eat too much junk food it can cause acne and other skin problems.

If you have acne and often eat junk food quit during a month and see the difference!

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