Apr 2, 2010

Fashion Trend: Harem Pants

It’s a true fashion trend these days; The Harem pants. Celebrities like BeyoncĂ©, Rihanna, Leona Lewis and Naomi Campbell love wearing them. The harem pants will create a whole new silhouette compared to the skinny jeans we’re used to. You think you can handle this trend?

The flowy fabric of the pants allows you to create a classy and feminine look with high heels. So don’t be afraid to accentuate your beautiful figure.

Jennifer Lopez
Naomi Campbell
Leona Lewis

If you’re more into the edgy sporty look, why not wear it with sneakers? Top it off with a slim fit T-shirt and you’re good to go!

Wear a fitted top with your harem pants otherwise you risk looking too slobby. So watch out with that!

It’s major advantage for people who don’t like skinny pants or jeans. Not only do the pants look great they’re also very comfortable. Plus they come in many different colors and fabrics

Rachel Bilson

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