Sep 17, 2009

Beauty treats for less than 10 EUR

Purple fashionable nail-color trend for the manicure lovers.

Sephora Matte Nail Color - € 6,20

This duo pairs shimmer and non-shimmer shades for easy highlighting and a natural glow. For Best Results: Use brush to sweep matte color across your cheekbones. For an allover glow, layer shimmer powder over your cheekbones, nose and forehead.

ExpertWear Blush Duo: Maybelline – € 3.07

Skin discolorations, pigment spots, under-eye circles and bags. what do you do about it! Maximum factor has the solution. Beside your daily foundation apply maximum factor Mastertouch Under-eye Concealer for the finishing touch. All skin discolorations and specks will disappear and leave you with a beautiful, flawless complexion.

Max Factor Mastertouch Under-eye Concealer: MAX Factor - € 9,50

With this glittering eye shadow you can make beautiful smokey eyes, or be creative and make some beautiful party looks. U can create versatile looks with these complementary colors.

Eye shadow: H&M - € 6,95

Funky color eyeliner! Now that the 80’s are back you can wear all the colors you like. With this new kind of eyeliner you can create any color you like, so now you never have to buy a new one again! Dip it into any eye shadow by running the applicator across your favorite color to create new liquid eyeliner shades again and again.

Magic Liquid Eyeliner: Eyeko - € 3,50

Bronzing powder to get a healthy sunkissed look. With cold seasons coming up you still look beautifully tanned with the Essence mixed cream bronzing powder.

Bronzing powder Essence: - € 3,49

This eyeshadow has three harmonious, satin-gentle shades, that match perfectly. Make your own combination by mixing 3 shades. The silky, fine powder is deliciously gentle plus the color gives your skin a satin-gentle brilliance.

Effet Lumière eyeshadow: Bourjois - € 9.80

Light, fragrant, naturally derived self-tanning lotion to gradually build a beautiful, natural looking sun glow with each application. Absorbs quickly into the skin and provides up to 12 hours moisturisation.

Cocoa Butter Everyday Summer Body Lotion: The body shop - € 5,48

Buttery lips balms for a shiny, finish by Korres Shea butter provides deep hydration & softness. Ideal for chapped lips and simply delicious. These lips balms are dermatologically tested, Korres do not test on animals, mineral oil & silicon free, propylene glycol free, ethanolamine free.
It’s a brand favorite of Angelina Jolie, Jodie Kidd, Drew Barrymore and Victoria Beckham.

Korres Color Lip Butters: ASOS - €7.53

Seductive volume with Rimmel's new glam'eyes mascara, Flex brush styles adds volume and separates lashes.

Rimmel London Glam’Eyes Mascara – ASOS - €8.79

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