Sep 23, 2009

What Kani Ladies fashion style are you?

Take this quiz and find oud what Kani lady fashion style you are, and check out what kani ladies looks fits you the best!

1. How would you describe your style?

a. Casual / simple / basic
b. Trendy / stylish
c. Trendsetter / over the top

2. How many times do you check yourself in the mirror before leaving your house?

a. Once
b. 3 or 4 times
c. A lot.

3. How often do you frequent the beauty salon?

a. Almost never
b. Once a month
c. Every week

4. My wardrobe is bursting out with:

a. Mostly unbranded stuff.
b. Consists of both branded and unbranded stuff.
c. Only with designer wear and expensive labels.

5. When you go out:

a. You are yourself, casual, I don’t care.
b. You wear a nice party outfit with make-up, without going over the top
c. You are dressed to kill. A celebrity look is for you.

6. How often do you go out?

a. I don’t like to party.. I like to spend a nice evening at home with my friends
b. Every now and then
c. Every week! If the possibility is there, I go out!

7. In your social circle, you are famous for

a. Being a good student
b. Being the nice and confident girl
c. Being a trendsetter.

8. What type of shoes express your personality the best?

a. Sneakers
b. Boots
c. Stiletto’s

9. Who is your “fashion role model"?

a. Tori Spelling
b. Rachel Bilson
c. Paris Hilton

10. How do you spend your afternoons?

a. Whatever I feel like
b. Shopping
c. Hanging out with the girls

11. In school you are:

a. I am quiet and I like to work on my own.
b. One of the guys
c. Popular

12. Your favorite outfit is...

a. Sweats and sneakers
b. A pair of jeans and a cool top
c. A short skirt with a tight top and high heels

13. Which celebrity male would be your perfect match?

a. Matthew McConaughey
b. Justin Timberlake
c. Brad Pitt

14. Which music do you prefer?

a. R&B
b. Pop
c. Hiphop

15. Which word describes you the best?

a. Natural
b. Sensual
c. Glamourous

Mostly A’s: The Casual Kani Ladies Girl

Girl, you got to spice up your life a little! You don’t care much about fashion, the guys, the party’s, or what people think about you. You are more on the background and stand back cause your living your own life. Your wardrobe looks simple and you don’t shop a lot. If you shop, you just buy something with a comfortable fit and not because it’s trendy. Your style is casual with a sporty vibe. You love to wear flat shoes and sneakers because they are comfortable. You don’t care about fashion trends because you have your own style. Off course you do care about fashion but your school or work is a priority right now.

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Mostly B’s: The Trendy Kani Ladies Girl

You got it all good. You are smart, have a nice job or study. You are living a busy life with lots of friends around you. When you got the time, you love to spend it with your friends, go out, or go shopping. You follow the trends and you love it! If you see something nice, you go to have it. You’re confident and love to flaunt it with your sassy outfits. You love to be different, so you always try to find something unique.

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Mostly C’s :The Kani Ladies Glamour girl

You are going wild girl! You are living the good life like a celebrity! You love parties, fashion and glamour. You are an outgoing person with no fears. But why should you, we all live once right? In your free time you go eat and party with your BFF’s. If you want something, you make sure you do everything to get it. You are rocking the streets with your designer clothing and people take notice. You are popular and as a popular person you set the trends. You radiate confidence and you know you look good.

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