Sep 3, 2009

Fashion Trend: Chanel Bags

Over the past century, Chanel has played a major role in modernizing high fashion. True to the vision of couture queen Coco Chanel, Chanel bags are still a high-fashion trademark of status and refinement.
In the following years, Chanel became a symbol status when high-profile celebrities like Katherine Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor wore the revolutionary Chanel bags.
Chanel Handbags just can't be spotted alone. It's because these designer handbags are always hooked on a celebrity's arm. The most stylish celebrities are pairing classic Chanel handbags with casual every day ensembles and fancy evening fetes.
Celebrities love there Chanel bags. There's no doubt Chanel holds a high name in Hollywood. Celebrities are frequently spotted carrying their favorite seasonal Chanel item.

Victoria Beckham


Rachel Bilson

Paris Hilton

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Ritchie

Mischa Barton

Mary Kate Olsen


Lindsay Lohan

Lily Allen

Lauren Conrad

Kim Kardashian

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Alba

Hillary Duff

Beyonce Knowles

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