Nov 10, 2009

World Inspired Colors by Herome

Herome has launched a fabolous nailpolish line called World Inspired Colors with a range of 79 dazzling, vibrant colors that are a lust for the eye. Now that everything is turning grey outsite we sure can use a splash of colors on our nails!

Herome had the bright idea to name each color after a city. So if you are from Rio you can represent your city from your head to your fingertips and toes.

World Inspired Colors is daring, provocative and trendsetting. By enriching the nailpolishes with Silica, Vitamine E and Panthenol Herome stays true to the quality it always delivers.

World Inspired Colors are available for 7,50 EUR a piece and 12,50 EUR for 2 pieces at the drugstore and on

Stay tuned for a product review coming soon!

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