Jan 21, 2009

Barack Obama: Officialy the new president of the United States!

Barack Obama is now officialy president of the United States. The new president gave a memorable speech yesterday in Washington where more than 4 million people attended his inauguration. In November 2008 Barack Obama marked a milestone by becoming the first African-American president. Obama won the heart of the American public not only with his speeches but with his charisma and human side as well. Some even say he has the appeal of a celebrity and let's face it, he looks like a stylish James Bond.

Obama enjoyed the support of many celebrities who helped him in his campaign. Some even paid tribute to him in their songs like Young Jeezy and Nas.

Congratulations to the new president and may he continue to inspire the USA and the world with his inspirational words!

Young Jeezy - My president is black

Nas - Black President

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