Jan 1, 2009

New Year's resolutions: Make it happen!

The year 2009 has just begun and I'm sure some of you have already a wishlist of what they wish to acheive in the new year. How do you make your resolutions become reality and not just a one week thing. Read these tips.

1. Set a very specific goal.
Do you want to lose 5 pounds or work out for 4 days a week? Resloving to "be more active" isn't specific enough. You need to define what you want in clear termes. For example: I'm going to work out 4 days a week for 30 minutes.

2. Set a goal that has a measurable outcome.
"Getting in shape" is not quantifiable. Without a goal that is measurable, how will you know when you've made progress or even reached it?

3. Assign a timeline.
"Someday" is just to vague. What makes a difference between a dream and a goal is that you have a timeframe for making it happen. A deadline can also help motivate you and prevent you from slacking.

4. Program your life with a strategy.
In order to acheive your goals you need to set a strategy. Don't let your emotions handle it, because willpower ain't gonna cut it. You need a plan and you need to change something in your lifestyle. Analyze what obstacles you need to deal with. Your environment, your schedule and your accountability must be programmed in such a way that all three support you. Life is full of temptations and opportunities to fail. Without programming, you will find it much harder to stay the course.

5. Identify small steps.
If you have a big goal you want to acheive, cut it into small steps. Not only will this motivate you everytime you acheive one of the smaller goals, it produces more result. Major life changes don't just happen; they happen one step at a time. Know what those steps are before you set out.

6. Set your environment up to help you succeed.
A key element for you to succeed is your environment. If you're trying to quit smoking for example you need to make changes in your environment so that it supports your new goal. Although temptations will come and go, you still can hev some control over it.

Source: Dr. Phil - Making resolutions reality
For more info go to Dr. Phil

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