Jan 8, 2009

What is her secret.....Beyonce

Everybody has little beauty routines and tips for looking good. Some might even have beauty secrets that they don't want to share. Many people look up to celebrities not only for their looks but also for their beauty. Some beauty may be attributed to make up and photoshop but we can't deny that some celebs just look good. In the topic "What's her secret..." we will discuss their philosophy, beauty tips, routines and products that celebs use to look nice and sexy.


Beyonce has a flawless skin and a curvatious body. Even without any make up on, she still looks great and thereby proving that she's a natural beauty. Beyonce is also known for her trendy outfits and has her own clothing line called Dereon. She is feminine, stylish and is not afraid to experiment.

"I feel it is important for women to take care of themselves and look good"

"I'm a lot more conservative in my personal life. But even when I'm dressed down, I wear a niche shirt, nice jeans and stilettos"

"I'm not dressed unless I have earrings on, like big hoops, I've always worn big earrings"

"I believe in women sticking together and recognizing how much we can learn from one another, supporting one another and asking questions. If you think someone is beautiful, watch them and ask questions and see how you can do the same thing, as opposed to comparing yourself to them."

"With my make up, I was doing a lot of liquid liner before. Now I'm into a gold smokey eye and natural tone lip"

"I put Natura Bisse Moisturizer every morning and every night"

"I'm crazy about the FHI Heat Flat iron! I can't live without my flat iron! It takes me about an hour to do my hair and the only time I don't is when I'm on vacation."

Source: In Style

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