Apr 7, 2009

Color Analysis: Find out what colors suit you best

It's always hard to find what colors suit you best. But after a time of trial and error you will start to see which colors complement your skintone. For those of us who are still clueless on this or need a hand, find out how to find the right colors for you:

Spring hair colors are dark brown, chestnut, light chestnut, or red or golden blond. Skin tone is golden, pink beige, peach, ivory or porcelain and have either blue, green, aqua, golden brown or amber eyes. Springs should wear bright, fresh colors and stay away from dark ones (e.g. sunny yellow). Source: eHow

Heidi Klum, Paris Hilton and Kate Hudson, among others, show you what colors Spring types can wear

Falls have brown, dark brown, chestnut, red or copper colored hair; dark brown, olive, golden brown or warm beige skin tone; and dark brown, golden brown, amber, hazel or green eyes. Falls look good in shades that are rich or muted but that also look warm and inviting (e.g. earth tones, think of the autumn season colors in nature).

Marcia Cross, Debra Messing, Alyson Hannigan, ... show us all the beautiful colors that redheads can wear

Winters colors have black, dark/ash chestnut, salt/pepper or white hair. Skin tone is either cold brown, olive, neutral, sallow or pink beige. Eye color is either brown black, chestnut, hazel, gray or blue. Winters colors are pure (e.g. true white, true black) or jewel-toned (e.g. ruby red, emerald).

Leighton Meester is a perfect winter type and she knows that bold, fresh colors look exquisite on her

Often people to generalize the winter types and put women of a different skin types in this category as well. Dark skinned women, latinas, asians, and indian women are foten a combination of all these types and have the advantage that they can often wear more colors as many bright colors complement their skin tone. Unfortunately you can't find much about this on the internet but take a look at the celebs who have a similar skin type to yours and you'll get a better idea of which colors suit you best. In contrary to other types dark skin women can wear color really well so don't only go for white and black but enjoy the advantage of your skin tone.

Dark skin women look gorgeous with bright, bold summer colors. Metallics also look great on them.


Latinas can wear warm, bold colors easily as they complement their skin tone. Stay away from ashy colors as they can make you look pale.


Indian women have similiar skin tone to Latinas so here goes the same. Go for bold, warm colors and avoid ashy colors.


Asians look great with soft pastel colors and bold colors such as red and bright pink.

Lindsay Price knows what colors look great on her

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