Apr 10, 2009

Fashion Trend: Ethnic Fashion

Fashion is growing everyday and the globalisation continues. We're learning from different cultures and fashion trends everyday. Even designers like Dior, Versace and Dolce & Gabbana get inspired by other cultures for their collection. Fashion is like an art form and every country interprets it differently.

Ethnic prints and details are definitely a trend that will continue as we have many cultures that inspire our fashion senses. Noted prints that continue to inspire designers are African inspired trends. The colorful prints and details are endless. And now you have the advantage that designers are incorporating these prints and details in their designs which appeals to a larger group of fashion lovers.

Even celebs love ethnic fashion. Check out some of their outfits

Jessica Szohr on Gossip Girl
Jennifer Lopez Leona Lewis
Paris Hilton - Nicole Richie
Jennifer Hudson

Gabrielle Union
Vanessa Hudgens
Blake Lively
Paris Hilton

Don't go overboard like Rihanna, moderation is the key!

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