Apr 7, 2009

Living the Law of Atraction: Vision Board

Oprah recently talked about the Law of Atraction and more specifically about the vision board. Marthe Beck explained how a vision board is a great tool to visualize what you want to acheive in life plus it helps you stay focused

When creating your vision board, Martha says you shouldn't expect a straightforward process. "I get in a really calm place. I go to my core of peace, and I taste what is delicious in the future. It could be something I've never heard of, or it could be just the essence of something. I'm not sure what it is. And then I go through magazines or on the Internet, and I find pictures of things that represent that to me. It could be the actual object or it could be something that has the same feeling."

Louise Hay says it's also important to have proper gratitude for all you've received. This will keep those positive gifts coming. "The more grateful you are, the more you get to be grateful about. It's that simple," she says.

Check out one of the vision boards shown on the Oprah Show

Source: Living the Law of Atraction


dannielo said...

If you'd like a tool for setting your goals, you can use this web application:


You can use it to manage your goals, projects and tasks, set next actions and contexts, use checklists, schedules and a calendar.
A Vision Wall (inspiring images attached to yor goals) is available too.
Works on mobile.

The Fashion Visionboard Girl said...

That is how I created my now-famous blog, The Fashion Visionboard Girl. :)

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