Apr 23, 2009

Fashion Trend: Hello Yellow!

The warm weather is smoothly on its way back and fresh summery colors are popping everywhere. Pink, orange, green and ….Yellow! That’s right, yellow is supposed to be the “IT” color for 2009. Yellow is a sunny, cheerful color that really lifts your spirit. Wanna find out if color looks good on you? Also check out our thread on What Colors Suit You
You'll surely see more of this popular color as we move into the warmer months. The vivid shade of yellow that's so popular this year tends to look best on people with dark hair and deeper skin tones as well as those with blue eyes since yellow shades accentuate shades of blue and purple.

Yellow look great when you combine it with blue, purple, grey, brown and green. If you find it overwhelming try to incorporate is as an accessories for a subtle touch of summer freshness.

Rachel Bilson
Rihanna again
Nathalie Portman
Megan Fox
Kim Kardashian
Jessica Simpson
Jessica Alba
Eva Longoria
Audrina - Rihanna - Beyonce - Hillary Duff
Angelina Jolie

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Trendy Gourmandise said...

j'aime beaucoup cette couleur en accessoire !

alice said...

this is cool yellow collection.
I also want to say
hi yellow.


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