Oct 14, 2009

Follow Rev Run on Twitter

Do you guys watch Run's House? Not only is Rev Run funny, he is also a wise man and I love the wise words he shares with us at the end. To whom does he send his messages?
Now everybody can enjoy his words of wisdom thanks to Twitter!

That's right. Rev Run has joined the Twitter frenzy and shares his wise words on daily.

Check out some of the things he writes on his Twitter page

No worryin! No complainin! ( Check your options, pick the best one and go for it!) -Pat Riley

When you're CLEAR about where you're headed you'll know what to do next!! - Marston

Dont be a know it all! Be open! Use ur mind like a parachute.. If u dont keep it open. U crash!!

F-alse E-vidence A-ppearing R-eal (F. E. A. R)

Good morn! KEEP ur eyes & mind on SUCCESSFUL ppl, places,& things! What u look at longest becomes STRONGEST!

Good morn! Stay freshly dipped yall! The way you look & the way u treat yourself teaches others how to treat you!

Success isnt something u chase,, Success is something u attract becuz of the person u've become

GET OUT of ur comfort zone! You will only grow if ur willin to feel awkward every once and awhile!!!!

Want peace happiness & prosperity? Stop the internal conflict with everything everybody and every thought.. Stay peaceful alllllll day

You can only compliment ppl when u feel good about urself! (Give em out often folks!) :-)

The emptiest people are those who are full of themselves

Wise men talk because they have something to say,, fools talk because they have to say something

think about this..: 2day is the 2morro that we worried about yesterday

if u aint thankful 4 what u got, u wont be thankful 4 what u'll get

Help your brothers boat across and yours will reach the shore.. thats a truth

Every time u accept a situation,, it begins to change! (Acceptance is the end of suffering yall)

Holding back 4giveness holds bac ur blessins.. God 4gives u & expects us 2 4give others

Never let ANYONE who's accomplished much less than you, Talk crap about u... Period.

KEEP ur excitement & hope like a lil child waitin on Christmas! Where hope grows, miracles bloosom

No one has ever become poor from giving - Anne Frank

One who asks a question remains a fool for five minutes; one who does not ask a question remains a fool forever

Did this inspire you? Follow Rev Run on Twitter and let him inspire you everyday!

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