Oct 16, 2009

Style File: Angela & Vanessa Simmons

Since the start of Run's House on MTV, people can't get enough of the Simmons family. Everybody wants to know more about this loving family and we want see more of the humor, exticement, chaos and FASHION!

That's right. Since being prominently in the spotlights people's interest in Vanessa & Angela's fashion style has increased. The girls have grown into (fashion) role models and are more popular now than ever with their own brand "Pastry" and the hit show "Daddy's Girls" on MTV.

The Simmons sisters have a casual but sophisticated look without being overtly sexy. Other young celebs like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan like to show off with their fashion and wear their sexiness on their sleeves. Or even enjoy provoking by "accidentally" forgetting their panties. Angela & Vanessa Simmons know how to stay fashion trendy and are true role models to their younger fans.

Check out their fashion style!

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