Oct 30, 2009

Style File: Rihanna

Rihanna's latest single has already created a buzz on the radio and on the internet. Some critics say that her lyrics are very provocative and could encourage influenceable people to commit suicide.

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Entertainment Weekly:

After a few listens, I think those risks absolutely pay off. Rihanna is in fine vocal form throughout, and Ne-Yo’s songwriting is economical and evocative per usual. I have a feeling “Russian Roulette” is a single we’re all going to be hearing a lot of in the coming months.

LA Times:

It’s hard to imagine it blasting out of car windows or even controlling a club, but it’s all attention-grabbing stuff, standing in stark — emphasis on stark — contrast to much of the current pop landscape.

Even though I didn't think it was possible Rihanna has edged up her look even more. Even when she hadn't even released her single you could spot her outfits daily on the internet. And let's admit it, she looks absolutely stunning and her outfits truely inspire every fashionista as Rihanna isn't afraid to push fashion boundaries.

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Style File: Rihanna
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