Dec 30, 2008

Spring Summer 2009 Fashion Trends by Kani Ladies

Kani Ladies promises a warm and colorful Spring/Summer 2009 with a flirty and trendy collection. Here are a few showstoppers from the Kani Ladies collection.

1. Tropical Jungle
Cool prints of palm tree leafs, flowers and birds bring an exotic touch to the clothes. All essential items for summer are present, such as colorful beachwear, dresses, tops and bags. Ideal for a warm day at the beach with your friends!

2. Ethnic
The summer is going to be hot with warm summer colors and African inspired beads, leather straps and graphics. Stylish basics and a lot of girly clothing make it perfect for your summer vacation.

3. Colors, Colors, Colors
Curly shapes and funky colors combined with crystals are true show stoppers. Combined with dangly earrings and sparkly accessories, the collection will make shine like a star.

4. Paisley
A paisley pattern combined with the Kani Ladies logo provides clothes in sexy shiny colors.

5. Denim
Skinny jeans are presented in bright colors like grass green, pink and purple next to the signature Kani Ladies jeans


Keep an eye on the Kani Ladies website for the full Spring Summer 2009 collection

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