Dec 12, 2008

Kan-I Moment: Beyonce

Beyonce is a famous R&B singer who has been successful as a solo artist since 2003. Beyonce’s beauty is undeniable and she has the confidence to go with it. This hasn’t always been the case.

In grade school, Beyoncé's classmates taunted her about her ears. "I used to get teased because they were bigger than my head," she told PEOPLE. She also used to get teased about her unique name and for having a lighter skin than her classmates.

Beyonce is often called Bee by her family and friends. The R&B star’s name comes from her mother’s maiden namen. Over the years she has grown to love her unique name, but when she was young Beyonce was often teased about it.

Like many girls Beyonce was insecure about her looks but over the years she has grown to love herself. Beyonce introduced the word ‘Bootylicious’ which is about feeling beautiful and glamorous in one's own skin and has inspired other women to embrace their curves. Check out how to Get her Look

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