Dec 12, 2008

Celebrity Beauty Secrets

Celebrities are human and they too have flaws, even when they seem impeccable and absolutely stunning on the cover of every magazine.
Here are some tips and tricks celeb use to look great

Jessica Beil adds sugar to her body wash as a body scrub. Body scrubs in general slough off dead cells, giving the skin a glow, so any scrub should work.

Catherina Zeta Jones uses crushed strawberries to whiten her teeth. “I was told it is a natural teeth whitener, and it really works for me,” she said.

Rosebud Salve is one of Beyonce’s favorite products

Rihanna’s stylist used Design Essentials relaxer on her hair

Keyshia Cole likes to wear bright eyeshadows

Alicia Keys and Melanie B use Pantene products

Halle Berry scrubs her skin with Coffee Grinds for cellulite

Ciara uses Mixed Chicks product

Jennifer Anniston swears by Mane N Tail shampoo

Tyra and Kelly Rowland love Vaseline for dry areas on their skin

Jennifer Hudson’s make up artist uses Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner

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