Dec 12, 2008

Let passion drive your life

dWhat makes you happy? What fascinates you? What makes time fly?
When you love what you do, it motivates you to fully devote yourself to what you do. Passionate people don’t give up. They do what’s necessary to achieve success. Passion inspires you to come up with inventive ways to overcome any obstacles where others would stop.

When you have a great idea put it into action. Use your motivation and enthusiasm to convince others, otherwise your great idea will simply end up on the side of your desk. Passion is what makes the difference; a lack of it can often create the difference between failure and success.

Stay true to yourself. Often we try to please our family or others and pursue a(n) education or career we don’t like. Sooner or later good grades and money will not compensate the lack of passion that you feel.

Look at your interests and talents to see if you could develop them even more so that you can use it in your education/career. Talk to people who are successful in an area that you love.
What makes them successful? Do you have the required training? If you don’t, can you get the necessary training?

What if you simply don’t know what you are passionate about?
Try new things, find a new hobby,… Don’t be afraid to experiment! Sometimes you might discover your passion by coincidence and sometimes you just know. Talk to your friends and ask them what they consider to be your strengths. People are not used to praise each other so you might be surprised at what you hear.

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