Dec 21, 2008

Follow your gut

Sometimes you meet people who you instantly like while other times you might feel an instant aversion when meeting someone new. That is your gut trying to speak to you.

We don’t always have all the information to our disposal but your instincts follow you wherever you are and guide you. Unfortunately we often ignore it, especially is they are contrary to what others believe and think. We follow other people’s idea because we think we’re being irrational or emotional. But that’s a big mistake! When your instincts contradict the facts, try to gather all the information and your gut will tell you what to do.

Your instincts reflect who you are: your values, feelings, fears, experiences and goals. We develop our instincts from living, doing, watching and listening and they protect us and remind us of who we are.

Oprah Winfrey says there are three major reasons she is who she is today: intuition, her ability to feel what is right, and allowing that to be the strongest guide in her life.

Your intuition is a powerful ally and can help you avoid mistakes. The more you use and trust it, the stronger your intuition will get and that will make you feel confident about it.

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